Featuring Meri Frischman, KaZ Akers, Kristen Coffield, Susie Lang & Diane Butts


A profound and inspiring conversation about embodying The Pro-Age Woman perspective, which, at its core, intrinsically and organically nullifies ageist stereotypes. Embracing aging with positivity is more than just a mindset - it's a proven approach for longevity and thriving. It involves taking actionable steps toward shaping your life your way; fostering curiosity, continuous learning, and building community. Embracing the journey of aging involves recognizing its challenges while also allowing for a revitalized mind-shift, striving towards a life tailored to your truth and yours alone.


- A vision of what IS possible
- Collective collaboration
- The proactive aspect of pro-aging
- True representation of women 50+
- Ageism and ageist language
- Adding humor
- Paving the way for the next generations
- Personal introspection
- What’s the reason you think what you think


Meri Frischman

Founder of The Pro-Age Woman

Meri Frischman is a native New Yorker. Initially, she started her career in the retail end of fashion, designing and selling children’s shoes imported from Europe. Upon turning forty and wanting to leave retail, Meri’s desire to help women live their best lives led her to get certified as a phobia and anxiety specialist. Once again, not feeling fulfilled, she decided to pivot and follow her passion. At fifty, she became a Fitness and Wellness Professional coaching the over 50 woman at one of the leading NYC facilities where she accrued an impressive list of successful entrepreneurial clients.

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KaZ Akers

Author, Certified Master Meditation Teacher

KaZ is a six-time certified master meditation teacher and multi-published author. She focuses on making meditation accessible. She is also a third-level Qigong instructor.

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Brain Hug Meditation
Drink Nature
Singsong Crows And Alphabet Soup

Kristen Coffield

CEO The Culinary Cure

Kristen Coffield is the founder of The Culinary Cure where she teaches women to elevate their health and energize their lives. She is an expert in Active Grandparenting, Hydration, Sleep, Stress, and Sustainable Weight Loss. She coaches purpose-driven women to turn food and habit into superpowers for health and happiness. Kristen simplifies wellness into doable daily habits that hold the key to creating a health span to last a lifetime. Kristen is the Author of How Healthy People Eat: An Eater's Guide To Healthy Habits. Her foundational coaching program is The 21-Day Detox & Reset in September and January. You can register at Kristen also accepts highly motivated individuals for her private coaching programs.

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Susie Lang

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach

Trained as a Professional Photographer and a Mental Health Counselor, MA, LMHC, her passions are working with people. WOMEN 60+ has been a culmination of thoughts and feelings surrounding aging. Being with mature women in their expressions of aging, vulnerability, resilience, wisdom, maturity, sense of freedom, inner-beauty, and courage is truly empowering. It is a sense of their unraveling and deepening sense of personal knowing. She loves being a part of this!

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Diane Butts

Actor, Model, Content Creator & Pro-Age Advocate

Diane Butts pivoted to her 2nd chapter at age 58 when she retired early to become an actor/model/voice talent. She added social media content creation as a pro-age advocate who's passionate about inspiring women 'of a certain age' who need encouragement navigating life after 50. She seeks to live by example by focusing on health and fitness and fostering great relationships.

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