Re-igniting Sensual Pleasure in Our Daily Lives

Featuring Dr. Nicole Marcione interviewed by Diane Butts



CEO & Founder of SexySmart Aging™

Dr. Nicole Marcione is an expert in longevity, aging, and vibrancy in midlife. She is the CEO & Founder of SexySmart AgingTM, which combines the Science of Longevity with the Art of Sensual Living. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California (USC), where her doctoral research focused on the impact of mind-body interventions on cognitive function, mobility, and aging. Dr. Nicole also has a B.S. in Lifespan Health and an M.S. in Gerontology from USC. She works with clients worldwide, helping them feel engaged, powerful, and confident in their unique aging process. In addition to being an author, Dr. Nicole is an international speaker. Her mission is to redefine the perception of aging, moving away from the current anti-aging rhetoric towards aging vibrantly. You can find her in Hermosa Beach, CA, or hiking around Europe.

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Sensuality and Midlife Mini-Workbook

A mini workbook with juicy tips on how to bring more sensuality into your daily life.

Diane Butts

Actor, Model, Content Creator & Pro-Age Advocate

Diane Butts pivoted to her 2nd chapter at age 58 when she retired early to become an actor / model / voice talent. She added social media content creation as a pro-age advocate who's passionate about inspiring women 'of a certain age' who need encouragement navigating life after 50. She seeks to live by example by focusing on health and fitness and fostering great relationships.

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