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In Celebration of International Women’s Day, we are excited to announce our first virtual summit hosted by The Pro-Age Woman Collective.

We have carefully curated a list of more than 50 amazing presenters, who will equip you with tools and insights on provocative pro-age topics; such as sexual health, dating, mental wellness, resilience, finding purpose, among other hot issues.

Together, we will take a positive leap forward in the work towards women's age equity and inclusion, by actualizing and epitomizing the true representation of today's real woman 50 and beyond.

We honestly believe knowledge is power and independence, and our goal is that you’ll come away feeling more powerful and independent than ever before. 

It's time to link up, to collaborate, to right the wrongs of the limiting beliefs underlying the culture around ageism. We must correct the unwarranted ageist proclamations, and elevate awareness that we women will rise to the top through our achievements and accomplishments at every age and stage of life.

Our Experts Have Been Featured In


Meri Frischman

Founder, The Pro-Age Woman

Amy Schmidt

CEO and Founder, Fearlessly Facing Fifty, Co-Founder, Better Than Gossip

Bobbi Parker Hall

Personal Trainer and Over 60 Bikini Competitor

Dara Goldberg

Founder, The Endless Beauty Collective

Donna Korren

Founder of Empty Quester

Evelyn Hecht

Master Clinician of Pelvic Physical Therapy & Founder of PelvicSense

Furaha Moye


Glory Borgeson

Social Media Influencer GloryB-TV & Business Coach

KaZ Akers

The Pro-Age Woman’s resident poet and Master Meditation Teacher

kristen coffield

CEO The Culinary Cure, Co-founder Better Than Gossip

Nancy Hyman

Pro Age Woman Contributor

Nicole Lachance

Founding Contributor / Writer

Pirie Jones Grossman

Founder/CEO Destiny Productions

Susie Lang

Photographer & Mental Health Counselor


Alison Crosthwait

Psychedelic Guide

Andrea Barone

CEO & Founder of Crystal Hills Organics

Andrea Hipps

Certified Divorce Coach

Angel Cornelius

Founder & CEO, Maison 276

Angelia Inscoe

Creator of the Collagen P.I.N.® & Co-Founder of The A Method®

Anita Wise


Ann Garnier

Co-Founder and CEO, Lisa Health

Carla Rockmore

Fashion Influencer and Designer

Carole Montgomery

Comedian & Founder of Women of a Certain Age

Clare Morrow

IFBB Pro athlete & fitness coach

Dana Harvey

Psychedelics & Microdosing Educator and Guide

Dana Hilmer

Co-Creator of Camp Reinvention

Dr. Joan Borysenko

President Mind-Body Health Sciences, LLC

Dr. Rachel Rubin

Board-Certified Urologist & Sexual Medicine Specialist

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Psychotherapist, Author and TV Commentator

Dr. Lyndsey Harper

Board Certified Ob/Gyn & Founder/CEO of Rosy

Dr. Ruth Maher

Doctor of Physical Therapy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Sasha Heinz

Developmental Psychologist and Coach, Founder of Mind Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Club for Women

Dr. Shelby Harris

Clinical Psychologist & Sleep Specialist

Dr. Stephanie Buehler

Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist

Elisabeth Muhr

Co-Founder of Hallstein Water

Elissa Goodman

Integrative Holistic Nutritionist

Gerianne DiPiano

President & Chief Executive Officer of FemmePharma

Grace Fodor

Founder of STUDIO10

Jackie Giannelli

Founding Nurse Practitioner at Elektra Health

Jamie Hess

Speaker, Wellness Mentor @NYCfitfam and Founder The Big Ask Method

Jenn Kautch

CEO of Sober Sis

Michelle & Joan MacDonald

Founder of The Wonderwomen Coaching Team

Joan Lunden

Award-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author, Television Host & Motivational Speaker

Julie Gordon White

Founder & CEO of Bossa Bars Menopause Energy Bars

Katie Keating

Co-Founder / Co-Chief Creative Officer, Fancy

Kim Vopini

Author, Speaker, Women’s Health Educator & The Vagina Coach

Kyrié Carpenter

Co-Founder, OldSchool.info

Laura Geller

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Laura Geller Beauty

Lauren Frances

Founder/CEO of Lauren Frances, Inc.

Leighann Lord


Lynn Hardy

Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant & Founder of The Aging Games

Marla Schultz


Nicole Rose Stillings

Founder of The Manifest Mindset, Manifestation Coach & Podcast Host

Regina Young

Founder of Teatime Midlife Edition

RobinJoy Meyers

Joy Architect, Self-Mastery Mindset Coach, Speaker & Author

rochelle weitzner

Founder & CEO of Pause Well-Aging

Sally Mueller

Co-founder & CEO of Womaness

Sonsoles Gonzalez

CEO of Better Not Younger

Tamsen Fadal

Emmy Award Winning News Anchor & Author

Traci Jeske

Top International Personal Stylist

Wendy Liebman


Wendy Perrotti

Co-Creator of Camp Reinvention



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Invite your friends, colleagues and anyone else who you think would benefit from this experience. Discuss the talks with the people who want to see you win.

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ABOUT THE FOUNDER OF the pro-age woman

Meri Frischman is a native New Yorker. Initially she started her career in the retail end of fashion, designing and selling children’s shoes imported from Europe. Upon turning forty and wanting to leave retail, Meri’s desire to help women live their best lives led her to getting certified as a phobia and anxiety specialist. Once again, not feeling fulfilled, she decided to pivot and follow her passion. At fifty, she became a Fitness and Wellness Professional coaching the over 50 woman at one of the leading NYC facilities where she accrued an impressive list of successful entrepreneurial clients.

As you can tell, every decade has brought something new and the 60’s are no exception. From 2017 to the present, Meri has been the Founder and CEO of The Pro-Age Woman,LLC, a multi-media platform representing today’s real woman 50 and beyond. She believes we have to be seen to be heard in order to move forward against sexist ageism. She is intent on building a global collective because it is her belief that we are so much stronger together.



Q: Is this REALLY free?

A: YES! As long as you register prior to October 17th, you'll have free access to all of the incredible LeadWell content.

Q: How do I access the Summit?

A: Each morning, from October 17th - 21st, you'll receive an email with a link to that day's sessions. There are 3 sessions per day, and they are available for you to watch and rewatch for 24 hours. For each new day of the event, you'll receive an email with a new access link to watch that day's talks. You'll also receive a free workbook to help you process and implement everything you learn.


Q: Is this for me?

A: This event is for anyone who is interested in financial literacy, building tangible wealth, and being well-resourced in both knowledge and community. We will be centering the voices and experiences of women as long as you are comfortable with/can be respectful of that you are welcome to participate.


Q: What if I won't have time to see all the talks?

A: We’ve got you! There are two options to invest in extended access to the LeadWell content. While it is free to attend live from October 17th - 21st, the extended access options mean not only more time with all of the talks but some awesome bonuses, too!

Q: If I buy an extended access pass, will the talks be immediately available?

A: No. The LeadWell content will be made available the day after the event is over on Saturday, October 22nd. This ensures that participants have a shared experience with dedicated discussions during each day's session.


Q: I don't have a Facebook account. How can I connect with other participants?

A: We recommend creating a temporary Facebook profile so that you can participate in the pop-up group during the event. We'll be having live discussions, sharing resources, and even interacting with some of the speakers. It's the community element of LeadWell and we highly encourage you to join us.

Q: Will anyone see what I share in the pop-up group?

A: Our pop-up group is private, which means only members can see what's posted. We value your safety and your privacy. Nothing you share inside the group will be shared outside of the space.

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