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We are so thrilled to partner with you on this online event!!

Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge so that the women attending our summit can come away with useful tools and strategies to incorporate into their toolbox... to leave them with a greater sense of power in order to navigate this stage of life at the highest level.

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This is a tremendous community of experts, and we are all here to collaborate, support each other’s work and expand our global community.

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Please only use your custom link for promotions. This will help us track our collective efforts as well as inform us of any issues impacting engagement that we need to change during the promotional period.

Alison Crosthwait: https://theproagewomansummit.com/alcr
Amy Schmidt: https://theproagewomansummit.com/amsc
Andrea Barone: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anba
Andrea Hipps: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anhi
Angel Cornelius: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anco
Angelia Inscoe: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anin
Anita Wise: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anwi
Ann Garnier: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anga
Bobbi Parker: https://theproagewomansummit.com/bopa
Carla Rockmore: https://theproagewomansummit.com/caro
Carole Montgomery: https://theproagewomansummit.com/camo
Clare Morrow: https://theproagewomansummit.com/clmo
Dana Harvey: https://theproagewomansummit.com/daha
Dana Hilmer: https://theproagewomansummit.com/dahi
Dara Goldberg: https://theproagewomansummit.com/dago
Donna Korren: https://theproagewomansummit.com/doko
Dr. Joan Borysenko: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drjo
Dr. Rachel Rubin: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drra
Dr. Robi Ludwig: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drro
Dr. Lyndsey Harper: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drly
Dr. Ruth Maher: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drru
Dr. Sasha Heinz: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drsa
Dr. Shelby Harris: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drsh
Dr. Stephanie Buehler: https://theproagewomansummit.com/drst
Elisabeth Muhr: https://theproagewomansummit.com/elmu
Elissa Goodman: https://theproagewomansummit.com/elgo
Evelyn Hecht: https://theproagewomansummit.com/evhe
Furaha Moye: https://theproagewomansummit.com/fumo
Gerianne Dipiano: https://theproagewomansummit.com/gedi
Glory Borgeson: https://theproagewomansummit.com/glbo
Grace Fodor: https://theproagewomansummit.com/grfo
Jackie Giannelli: https://theproagewomansummit.com/jagi
Jamie Hess: https://theproagewomansummit.com/jahe
Jenn Kautch: https://theproagewomansummit.com/jeka
Joan Lunden: https://theproagewomansummit.com/jolu
Julie Gordon: https://theproagewomansummit.com/jugo
Katie Keating: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kake
Kaz Akers: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kaak
Kim Vopini: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kivo
Kristen Coffield: https://theproagewomansummit.com/krco
Kyrié Carpenter: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kyca
Lauren Frances: https://theproagewomansummit.com/lafr
Leighann Lord: https://theproagewomansummit.com/lelo
Lynn Hardy: https://theproagewomansummit.com/lyna
Marla Schultz: https://theproagewomansummit.com/masc
Nancy Hyman: https://theproagewomansummit.com/nahy
Nicole Lachance: https://theproagewomansummit.com/nila
Nicole Rose: https://theproagewomansummit.com/niro
Pirie Jones: https://theproagewomansummit.com/pijo
Regina Young: https://theproagewomansummit.com/reyo
Robinjoy Meyers: https://theproagewomansummit.com/rome
Rochelle Weitzner: https://theproagewomansummit.com/rowe
Sally Mueller: https://theproagewomansummit.com/samu
Sonsoles Gonzalez: https://theproagewomansummit.com/sogo
Tamsen Fadal: https://theproagewomansummit.com/tafa
Traci Jeske: https://theproagewomansummit.com/trje
Wendy Liebman: https://theproagewomansummit.com/weli
Wendy Perrotti: https://theproagewomansummit.com/wepe


Important suggestion: Your story and connection to the content of the summit (beginning of the email) will create a much bigger impact. Consider telling your readers why this subject is so important to you.

Feel free to modify the introduction to reflect your experience and to match your voice and unique style that your community is used to and loves. Please address their first name after "Hi!" and possibly one more instance in the email to make the experience as personal as possible.

Please maintain the formatting by keeping the bolds and underlines as specified in the copy documents – thank you!

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