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We are so thrilled to partner with you on this online event!!

Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge so that the women attending our summit can come away with useful tools and strategies to incorporate into their toolbox... to leave them with a greater sense of power in order to navigate this stage of life at the highest level.

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This is a tremendous community of experts, and we are all here to collaborate, support each other’s work and expand our global community.

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Please only use your custom link for promotions. This will help us track our collective efforts as well as inform us of any issues impacting engagement that we need to change during the promotional period.

ANDREA HIPPS, LBSW: https://theproagewomansummit.com/anhi
DR. CATHERINE DARLEY: https://theproagewomansummit.com/cada
CHIP CONLEY: https://theproagewomansummit.com/chco
DEAN HALL: https://theproagewomansummit.com/deha
DEANNA MINICH, PHD: https://theproagewomansummit.com/demi
DEBORAH SORLIE: https://theproagewomansummit.com/deso
DESIREE VARGAS WRIGLEY: https://theproagewomansummit.com/dewr
DIANE BUTTS: https://theproagewomansummit.com/dibu
DONI BELAU: https://theproagewomansummit.com/dobe
ELLEN WILCOX: https://theproagewomansummit.com/elwi
GALE WILKINSON: https://theproagewomansummit.com/gawi
HEATHER LEE: https://theproagewomansummit.com/hele
HELEN FRITSCH: https://theproagewomansummit.com/hefr
JOEL KAHN: https://theproagewomansummit.com/joka
KATIE PHILLIPS: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kaph
KAZ AKERS: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kaak
KRISTEN COFFIELD: https://theproagewomansummit.com/krco
KYLE ZAGRODZKY: https://theproagewomansummit.com/kyza
LESLEE COHEN: https://theproagewomansummit.com/leco
MARIA SOPHOCLES: https://theproagewomansummit.com/maso
MARYON STEWART: https://theproagewomansummit.com/mast
MELISSA MEYERS: https://theproagewomansummit.com/meme
MICHELLE L. BURKE, CPA: https://theproagewomansummit.com/mibu
DR. MICHELLE PEARLMAN: https://theproagewomansummit.com/mipe
DR. MONA FAHOUM: https://theproagewomansummit.com/mofa
DR. NICOLE MARCIONE: https://theproagewomansummit.com/nima
SAM SIMISTER: https://theproagewomansummit.com/sasi
DR. SARAH DE LA TORRE: https://theproagewomansummit.com/sato
SUSIE LANG: https://theproagewomansummit.com/sula
TESSA KRANTZ: https://theproagewomansummit.com/tekr
DR. VONDA WRIGHT: https://theproagewomansummit.com/vowr


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Feel free to modify the introduction to reflect your experience and to match your voice and unique style that your community is used to and loves. Please address their first name after "Hi!" and possibly one more instance in the email to make the experience as personal as possible.

Please maintain the formatting by keeping the bolds and underlines as specified in the copy documents – thank you!

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